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Deprecated: Use Data.Typeable instead

This module defines the old, kind-monomorphic Typeable class. It is now deprecated; users are recommended to use the kind-polymorphic Data.Typeable module instead.


The Typeable class

class Typeable a whereSource

The class Typeable allows a concrete representation of a type to be calculated.


typeOf :: a -> TypeRepSource

Takes a value of type a and returns a concrete representation of that type. The value of the argument should be ignored by any instance of Typeable, so that it is safe to pass undefined as the argument.

Type-safe cast

cast :: (Typeable a, Typeable b) => a -> Maybe bSource

The type-safe cast operation

gcast :: (Typeable a, Typeable b) => c a -> Maybe (c b)Source

A flexible variation parameterised in a type constructor

Type representations

data TypeRep Source

A concrete representation of a (monomorphic) type. TypeRep supports reasonably efficient equality.

data TyCon Source

An abstract representation of a type constructor. TyCon objects can be built using mkTyCon.

tyConString :: TyCon -> StringSource

Observe string encoding of a type representation

Construction of type representations



:: String

unique string

-> TyCon

A unique TyCon object

Backwards-compatible API



:: String

package name

-> String

module name

-> String

the name of the type constructor

-> TyCon

A unique TyCon object

Builds a TyCon object representing a type constructor. An implementation of Data.Typeable should ensure that the following holds:

  A==A' ^ B==B' ^ C==C' ==> mkTyCon A B C == mkTyCon A' B' C'

mkTyConApp :: TyCon -> [TypeRep] -> TypeRepSource

Applies a type constructor to a sequence of types

mkAppTy :: TypeRep -> TypeRep -> TypeRepSource

Adds a TypeRep argument to a TypeRep.

mkFunTy :: TypeRep -> TypeRep -> TypeRepSource

A special case of mkTyConApp, which applies the function type constructor to a pair of types.

Observation of type representations

splitTyConApp :: TypeRep -> (TyCon, [TypeRep])Source

Splits a type constructor application

funResultTy :: TypeRep -> TypeRep -> Maybe TypeRepSource

Applies a type to a function type. Returns: Just u if the first argument represents a function of type t -> u and the second argument represents a function of type t. Otherwise, returns Nothing.

typeRepTyCon :: TypeRep -> TyConSource

Observe the type constructor of a type representation

typeRepArgs :: TypeRep -> [TypeRep]Source

Observe the argument types of a type representation

typeRepKey :: TypeRep -> IO TypeRepKeySource

(DEPRECATED) Returns a unique key associated with a TypeRep. This function is deprecated because TypeRep itself is now an instance of Ord, so mappings can be made directly with TypeRep as the key.

The other Typeable classes

Note: The general instances are provided for GHC only.

class Typeable1 t whereSource

Variant for unary type constructors


typeOf1 :: t a -> TypeRepSource


Typeable1 [] 
Typeable1 Ratio 
Typeable1 StablePtr 
Typeable1 IO 
Typeable1 Ptr 
Typeable1 FunPtr 
Typeable1 Maybe 
Typeable1 IORef 
Typeable1 MVar 
(Typeable2 s, Typeable a) => Typeable1 (s a)

One Typeable1 instance for all Typeable2 instances

class Typeable2 t whereSource

Variant for binary type constructors


typeOf2 :: t a b -> TypeRepSource


Typeable2 (->) 
Typeable2 (,) 
Typeable2 ST 
Typeable2 STRef 
(Typeable3 s, Typeable a) => Typeable2 (s a)

One Typeable2 instance for all Typeable3 instances

class Typeable3 t whereSource

Variant for 3-ary type constructors


typeOf3 :: t a b c -> TypeRepSource


Typeable3 (,,) 
(Typeable4 s, Typeable a) => Typeable3 (s a)

One Typeable3 instance for all Typeable4 instances

class Typeable4 t whereSource

Variant for 4-ary type constructors


typeOf4 :: t a b c d -> TypeRepSource


Typeable4 (,,,) 
(Typeable5 s, Typeable a) => Typeable4 (s a)

One Typeable4 instance for all Typeable5 instances

class Typeable5 t whereSource

Variant for 5-ary type constructors


typeOf5 :: t a b c d e -> TypeRepSource


Typeable5 (,,,,) 
(Typeable6 s, Typeable a) => Typeable5 (s a)

One Typeable5 instance for all Typeable6 instances

class Typeable6 t whereSource

Variant for 6-ary type constructors


typeOf6 :: t a b c d e f -> TypeRepSource


Typeable6 (,,,,,) 
(Typeable7 s, Typeable a) => Typeable6 (s a)

One Typeable6 instance for all Typeable7 instances

class Typeable7 t whereSource

Variant for 7-ary type constructors


typeOf7 :: t a b c d e f g -> TypeRepSource


gcast1 :: (Typeable1 t, Typeable1 t') => c (t a) -> Maybe (c (t' a))Source

Cast for * -> *

gcast2 :: (Typeable2 t, Typeable2 t') => c (t a b) -> Maybe (c (t' a b))Source

Cast for * -> * -> *

Default instances

Note: These are not needed by GHC, for which these instances are generated by general instance declarations.

typeOfDefault :: forall t a. (Typeable1 t, Typeable a) => t a -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable instance from any Typeable1 instance.

typeOf1Default :: forall t a b. (Typeable2 t, Typeable a) => t a b -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable1 instance from any Typeable2 instance.

typeOf2Default :: forall t a b c. (Typeable3 t, Typeable a) => t a b c -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable2 instance from any Typeable3 instance.

typeOf3Default :: forall t a b c d. (Typeable4 t, Typeable a) => t a b c d -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable3 instance from any Typeable4 instance.

typeOf4Default :: forall t a b c d e. (Typeable5 t, Typeable a) => t a b c d e -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable4 instance from any Typeable5 instance.

typeOf5Default :: forall t a b c d e f. (Typeable6 t, Typeable a) => t a b c d e f -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable5 instance from any Typeable6 instance.

typeOf6Default :: forall t a b c d e f g. (Typeable7 t, Typeable a) => t a b c d e f g -> TypeRepSource

For defining a Typeable6 instance from any Typeable7 instance.